These are plain,  unstuffed, pitted, flat Agen prunes dipped in the usual Dominican republic chocolate, and are available in milk, dark, or mixed chocolate.

 The Agen prunes are very soft and the boxes offered contain different sized prunes:

-For the large box of 6 large prunes, l have used 28/33 prunes which is the biggest prune caliber available. (it means there are a minimum of 28 and maximum of 33 prunes per 500g of dried prunes)
-For the small box of 6 small prunes, l have used caliber 33/44 which are much smaller prunes but still soft and succulent.


stoned Agen prunes, cocoa mass, sugar, (MILK powder if MILK chocolate), vanilla extract. 


Suitable for vegan diet in dark chocolate. 
May contain traces of nuts.



Chocolate dipped flat Agen prunes