These are plain, UNSTUFFED, pitted Agen prunes dipped in sugar-free, xylitol chocolate, sold in boxes of 1, 3 or 6.


In this handmade sugar-free chocolate, l have used organic Madagascan 100% cocoa mass, powdered xylitol sweetener (a product which is extracted from either birch trees or corn, in this case the xylitol is from birch),  corn starch to lessen the bitterness of this cocoa (it is a lot more bitter than my usual Dominican chocolate, and not just because it is 100%, the processing in the factory must be different) and large amounts of powdered vanilla. 

 The result is a lighter brown dark chocolate, with a crisp to it: the xilytol gives it a crunch that, not having a conching machine which would smoothe the paste to ressemble normal chocolate, it makes it more of a confection. The crunch makes the chocolate a little crumbly which some people do enjoy and others not so much. 5 people so far have tried it: 4 liked it.
The vanilla is very strong and comes last as a flavour after the soft prune soft prune which goes very well with it.

Xylitol is suitable for people with sugar intolerance, as it is a sweetener which cannot be digested by the gut flora therefore doesn't help putting on weight. It is slightly laxative if eaten in large amounts,(just like sorbitol and maltitol) and unlike those 2, xylitol  is said to help build tooth enamel. (according to studies in Canada).

l have chosen this sweetener because unlike other sweeteners, it is slightly useful to health and l enjoy its cool, slightly cold flavour.

The Agen prune is stoned, and then dipped in this chocolate. They go very well together, but see what you think for yourself, l am putting them at an introductionary offer price, but they are nevertheless a one-off, unless they prove popular.

l have made them as a single prune box, a box of 3 prunes, or a box of 6 prunes.

stoned Agen prune, cocoa mass, xylitol, corn starch, ground vanilla powder.


Suitable for vegan diet. 
May contain traces of nuts.



Sugar-free dark chocolate dipped flat Agen prunes